My first French teaching experience started 30 years ago, with military guys who needed to improve their writing skills. With a baccalaureate in French and Philosophy, I have since helped many individuals with Molière’s langage.
I teach all French courses (beginners and intermediate) during the day at the Monterey community centre in Oak Bay.
I regularly teach two courses at Camosun College, one for beginners (French for Travellers), and one for advanced conversation.
I have private students for whom I provide individual tutoring to assist with their academic classes at college and university.
A group of advanced French speakers meets regularly at my place for conversation classes.
I support English-speaking parents with their kid’s French-speaking education.
I tutor teenagers and young adults  in French composition and literature.
I tutor adults who are becoming French immersion teachers, or are aiming to get the advanced French Language Diploma, or the Federal government oral, written and reading tests.
I tutor adults who need to expand the use of their professional French.
Experts, Managers, Social workers, international consultants, are among my common clients.
As part from my French teaching experience, I tutored a yoga teacher and we focused on how she would deliver her yoga class in French.
Another French teaching experience happened when I tutored a woman who wants to learn French because her partner is from Quebec.