I grew up in Paris — not far, in fact, from the famous gardens at the palace of Versailles, where my friends and I used to play as kids. Yet although I will always think of myself as a born-and-bred Parisian, I have also lived and worked in many places throughout the world. In addition to traveling across Africa while working as an HR executive for an international telecommunications company, I’ve also lived in London, Prague, Frankfurt, Tahiti and, most recently, Victoria, Canada. As a result, I’ve had to pick up German, English, Czech and a smattering of words in other languages just to be able to communicate to the people I’ve had the good fortune to meet in my travels.
Thankfully, I’ve always had a knack for picking up languages!
Since moving to Canada’s west coast, I’ve focused on teaching French, both privately and for Camosun College, as well as on building my international online coaching practice and working with corporate clients in Europe in the area of change management (yup, I’m a pretty busy guy, and I have the AirMiles to prove it!). Although I enjoy all aspects of my career, I’ve always had a particular fondness for teaching French, mainly because I love the expressiveness of the language.
Since I’ve been confronted with the task of learning new languages many times in the past, I can really empathize with my students. And because of my corporate background, I’m able to help English-speaking professionals really polish their business French — an area many Canadians seek to improve in order to move up the career ladder or facilitate communication in an era of globalization.
But I don’t just teach business French. Many of my students simply want to improve their French in order to travel to France — or, as in the case of some of my younger students, to ace a French test at school! To me, helping teenagers (and sometimes even younger children) with their French assignments is very satisfying — and to see them succeed is even more so!
In 2010, I was accredited through the BC ISW (BC Instructional Skills Workshop).
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