French private tutoring is the fastest way for you to meet your goals with regards to learning French. The first step is to clarify why you are studying it and what you want to achieve.
The next step is to determine how you like to learn.
If you have preferences for the kinds of activities that we do, then I will adapt my teaching to your preferences.
If, on the other hand, like many people, you don’t have strong preferences for learning techniques and you aren’t quite sure about the best approaches you can leave that in my hands. I’ll plan the lessons around activities, vocabulary and grammar appropriate for your level and goals. French private tutoring is all about getting it right for you individually.
If we are working together because you want support with a course you are taking at high school, college or university, then that will determine the structure of the tutoring.
If, on the other hand, your goals are more personal, I will plan our lessons to include three things:  input, practice and self-expression.  By input I mean that in each lesson I will be sure that you learn something new, by practice I mean that you will try using the new material in easy and challenging exercises and finally by self-expression I mean that you get a chance to use French to communicate in a way that is natural for you, that suits who you are.
As you see, French private tutoring uses many different path to achieve your goal: improve your French efficiently.
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