You need to study and prepare French exams. As a French tutor, I not only provide an additional safety net but I can make you progress faster when you get bored in class (yes, that’s possible!) or make sure that you understand enough to go to the next level.
Why you need a tutor:
– Your French studies are too intense and overwhelming and you need to keep up with the pace and get better marks.
– You studied in a French immersion school but you need to reactivate your French studies for the university.
– You already know that you need fluency in French because of the nature of your studies. You are going to Montreal to study at McGill or UQAM and French studies are going to be essential for your academic and student life.
– You know you want to work at the federal level or in an International organization: you need French to make your dream come true.
– You understand more than you speak. You need to gain confidence orally.
– You speak well but you don’t know the theory and grammar necessary for university.
– You must take a professional test and you need intensive mentoring to get the job or promotion.
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