– You need French for Travellers skills to go to France or Québec and you need to be able to get a basic “French survival kit” to get around.
– You have no French for Travellers skills because your French is far too academic to chat casually with any francophone.
– You are travelling with friends and you want to learn together to be able to enjoy your trip more.
– You are a true Francophone, and every year you go back to France or Québec and you want to explore more of the language and the culture and make sure you don’t miss anything during your journey.
I have over 6 years’ teaching experience of French for Travellers. In addition, I’ve worked in the hospitality industry and for the Loire Valley region. My various intercultural certifications will also help you to better understand how you can get the best experience while travelling.
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Speaking French and enjoying the lagoon in Tahiti
speaking French in Tahiti