My clients are:
  • Professionals who need to use French at work or improve their French with their colleagues.
  • Adults whose partner are French-speaking.
  • Future travellers in French-speaking countries.
  • Retired people who want a stimulating mental activity in a friendly environment.
  • Teenagers and young adults at high school or college who are preparing for their French exams.
Recommendation from Patrice, Patti, Robin and Laurel, Victoria BC:
Nous avons vraiment apprécié ces leçons de français avec vous, François, et aussi votre temps, votre patience, et votre bonne humeur ! C’était aussi amusant d’avoir votre chat et votre chien avec nous !
Recommendation from Carolyn, Victoria BC:
François is an extremely capable and effective instructor. He provides structure, encouragement, and supportive guidance. As well, his classes are diverse, interesting, and entertaining. Everyone is encouraged to participate and there is a supportive, non-threatening environment. François deserves top marks for providing a well-organized and very enjoyable class!
Recommendation from Kathryn, Victoria BC:
Votre cours a contribué à rendre mes vacances très agréables. Je n’étais pas seulement plus à l’aise avec la langue : vos devoirs et mes recherches sur l’histoire, les produits régionaux et les choses à faire en Dordogne ont rendu ma visite excellente. Par exemple, j’ai remarqué des batiments anciens que je n’aurai pas reconnus sans ces renseignements. De ce fait, j’ai eu une expérience culturelle plus riche que si je n’avais pas eu ces leçons. Merci mille fois pour votre aide.
Recommendation from Julie, Victoria BC:
 Francois, the best piece of advice…start every conversation with Bonjour! So many times I needed to ask directions at the ticket/Information booths in the Metro. We had to be rerouted to get to Versailles due to the SNCF strike and a really helpful Person at the ticket counter in Chatelet station gave us step-by-step directions and a map to get to a village nearby.  He did appreciate my attempted French too.  Oh, the Marais, Francois.  I could live there for years too. The people helping us in the shops on rue Rambuteau were so polite and they would have fun correcting my French if I said a phrase wrong and then help me to buy the lunch or croissants or gelato. They mostly spoke perfect English, but were helping me with my French. We found a neighbourhood restaurant and ate there 5 times.  It was so pleasant! And we walked to Place de Vosges on not rainy evenings to be in the neighbourhood.  Thank you for helping make my adventure in Paris and Normandy much smoother with weeks of practical advice! I did read my notes Francois!
Recommendation from Troy, Victoria BC:
It’s not easy picking up a second language at the half century mark, but thankfully I’ve found if not the most patient man on Earth at least the most patient Frenchman on Earth. François customizes my lessons to what is relevant for what I need to use the language for and does so with patience, good value and a great sense of humor. I very much enjoy my time with François and the little things I learn on the side about French culture and the amazing country he calls home. I am happy to recommend François.
 Recommendation from Marion & Barry, Victoria BC:
We have taken both a conversation class with François at Camosun and recently, he prepared a personalized and really productive series of French lessons for us in order to get us ready to travel to France for an advanced French class. He is an organized, well prepared and engaging teacher.
He had lots of diverse activities such as short audio and video recordings, newspaper excerpts, and language exercises that were fun and helpful in helping us to review and refresh our language skills. He pays attention to detail and helped us to work on our speaking skills as well as our comprehension in both listening and reading. François has a depth of knowledge of the language and culture, and he was always exceedingly well prepared. We would recommend him highly.
 Recommendation from Nancy W., Victoria BC:
I wanted to refresh my French skills before travelling to Paris, and hired François to tutor me. I made the correct choice, as he is a fantastic teacher. It had been quite a while since I studied French, so he determined my capabilities and my goals, which at first were very simple: to be understood when speaking with locals. As well as helping to improve my speaking and comprehension skills, François helped me to understand French culture in regard to navigating life in Paris: shopping, buying food in a market and ordering meals in a restaurant, and even a bit of history thrown in to help me have a well-rounded experience. François also helped me with my travel plans by making suggestions for places to visit, and even helped guide me to rent a car on a French-only website!
Our trip to Paris was just brilliant and I am so thankful for my French lessons with François, as well as all his practical travel tips. I highly recommend working with François for anyone wanting to learn or improve their French language skills. His travel advice was invaluable, too!
 Recommendation from Ben B., Ottawa ON:
François is an excellent tutor! I hired him to help me prepare for the federal government’s second language evaluation exam. He very quickly detected my strengths and weaknesses, and prepared comprehensive lesson plans tailored to my specific needs. His innovative approach to combining speaking, reading and writing into a single exercise was particularly effective. Overall, my French abilities improved rapidly during the month or so that I worked with François. He is a patient teacher who encourages risk taking, which is the best way to learn! I was extremely happy with François as a tutor, and I highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their French.
Recommendation from Mélanie W., Victoria BC:
I have always had a goal to be fluent in French. This is hard to achieve, particularly living on the Westcoast with few French speakers. I have been a student of the French Language Diploma Program at UVic and going into my final year of this program, I was faced with an unexpected family member’s illness which required me to spend time away. To focus on my weaker areas of pronunciation and comprehension, I hired François Viquesnel to supplement my studies. We worked on articulation, strategies to provide concise oral expressions, and honed advanced grammar skills through written essays and compositions.  François is extremely professional and disciplined. He accommodated my desire to have an accelerated and concentrated lesson plan. He often followed up our sessions with further grammar or vocabulary advice which greatly encouraged my language learning. Now that I’ve successfully completed my diploma program, I continue on with my private lessons with François to further my enthusiasm for the language.
For those who wants to brush up their French for travel or to take their French language learning to a higher level, I would encourage you to contact François for private French language lessons.
Recommendation from Sandra, Victoria BC :
 I began French lessons to be more comfortable while traveling in France and visiting family.  My main concern was ordering, asking for directions and simple conversation.  Before starting lessons I was pretty uncomfortable speaking French.  Though I took French in school it had been years since I’ve spoken it.  Francois made me feel much more comfortable to simply converse.  I’m not afraid now to try in French first, even if it’s not perfect, I’m much more confident.  I really loved learning more about France and the locations I was planning to visit.  Additionally, it was really great to be able to review French dishes and look forward to ordering them. For me, it was really great to surprise my family in France.  They didn’t know I was taking lessons and were really proud that I knew enough to order at the table while we were out for dinner, and get along on my own.  Francois is great!  He’s very patient.  By simple conversation you’re able to feel more comfortable with your ability.  I hadn’t realized just how much Francois had taught me until I was overseas.
Recommendation from Robin, Victoria BC :
“It worked! I wanted to take French tutoring with Francois to help me get over the hump of speaking French, and it worked!
I have studied a bit of French in a formal setting, with a lot of reading and writing, but was finding myself stumped when it came to speaking it.
 After 10 lessons with Francois, I have been finding myself starting conversations with French speakers, feeling more comfortable with the imperfection of it, and this is helping me continue developing my skill and comprehension.
 Francois is kind, patient, encouraging, and was able to adapt the lessons to my needs and my learning style. We discovered that doing a call-and-response was very helpful for me, as I got to experience hearing and repeating a phrase with instant feedback. I got a sense of the rhythm and cadence of the phrases, which brought the language off the page and into life. Merci beaucoup! “
Recommendation from Barbara, Victoria BC :
François is an inspired teacher.  After taking his innovative advanced classes at Camosun, several of us wanted to continue with this talented man and enrolled in his private Tuesday evening advanced conversation classes.  That word “advanced” should not deter anyone who has a grounding in basic French, and can read and comprehend with a fair bit of ease. What François offers is the chance to open the floodgates and to speak fluidly, casually, confidently.  I wanted to sound less like a textbook, to not be stilted, parroting the expressions and phrases I learned long ago, but to relax, to enjoy a conversation and to respond in an informal and current fashion.  We get all that, and more.
François zeroes in on individual and group interests, presents materials, written or A-V, then draws us out, and we suddenly find ourselves in the midst of a rich and flowing conversation.
We learn so much too….the culture, history, customs not only of France, but of all  La Francophonie. Tips for travel are a perfect bonus as we learn about hidden Paris, France off the beaten path…and inhale that French savoir vivre from the source!
Several of us have been meeting with Francois for two years and more, still feel enriched and challenged and take every opportunity to recommend his sensitive and unique way of drawing out the best in each and every one.
Feedback from Toni, program coordinator, Camosun College, Victoria BC:
«Wow, François! This is an excellent course evaluation! Your students found you lively, fun, engaging, encouraging, knowledgeable and helpful. They all seem to have particularly enjoyed all of the games and activities, and the information about the French culture that you were able to add to the course. Well done, Francois!»