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Elsa Mora : I am French, and also a native French speaker, born in Spain.
I have taught French Classes in Victoria, BC since February 2009.
I have been teaching and coaching for over 25 years, and began teaching French as a second language when I arrived in Canada, working both in a formal classroom setting (Camosun College and the Monterrey Community Centre) and as a tutor for individuals or small groups.
I really enjoy teaching French, creating a positive, relaxed atmosphere with plenty of opportunities to practice, listen, learn and ask questions.
Individual French Tutoring
is my main activity in Victoria.
You may need to improve your French for your professional development, maybe because you are going to travel in a French-speaking country or because you need to study and prepare for French exams.
Sometimes, friends and couples, planning a trip, want to get together and brush-up their French in small conversation groups.
My French classes are based on your needs: I can assess your language capabilities and then custom design your program. Your goal is important to me : it will define your motivation and your engagement in learning French.  Click here for more information on what I can offer you.
I love being in Victoria, BC on this amazing west coast. The weather is quite similar to Paris. I also love to share my knowledge about the rich culture of France, its attraction. Planning a trip to Paris and checking out with you what you want to see is one of my big pleasure. I believe that learning a language is also entering a new culture. Take the time to read my comments on this. French Teaching an Culture connection
For more reasons why you should learn French click here
Have a look at my rates and feel free to contact me.  Click here to contact me.